4K is here and the Film and TV production workflows are changing incredibly faster. Cinemas all over Europe have moved to digital in record time and a whole and more democratic way of producing imagese with the highest standards of quality has been born. Televisions are already producing and broadcasting in 4K with an incredible quality reserved until now to blockbuster films. That opens and endless amount of new possibilities to shoot hight quality images both for Film and Television as never dreamed.


In 3DOE we offer the possibility of shooting with a Digital Cinema Camera like Arri Amira at an incredible price. We also offer CANON 5D camera shooting for lower budgets.


An exhaustive knowledge of the technical characteristics of  Photography Direction of Arri Amira as much as our previous experience in traditional film shooting, allows us to get the most of it no matter how difficult are the production circumstances. Our complementary post-production services with high quality Autodesk systems brings out the very best of your shooting images. We have available any kind of complementary services: post-production and editing, special effects, 3D characters or objets, matte paintings... all in the same enviroment making possible the production of Film, TV programs and Commercials of the highest quality in record time.

We have available of kind of accesories for the "Indie" Digital Cinema production: Quartz and additional lighting, chroma key backgrounds, direct Sound, sliders...

No doubt, tell us about your project. We believe what european Film and TV industry needs is to produce good, exportable stories stories of the highest quality that reach and hit the european and international audiences without the need of a big budget or institutional aid. To make them you can count on us.

We also shoot stereoscopic 3D in a flexible way, making it easier than the complexity of traditional stereoscopic shooting and adapting to all kind of budgets (please clic VR & 3D STEREOSCÓPICO label and then VR & STEREOSCOPIC 3D on the left side for an English version and for more information). 

HERMANO MAYOR from 3DOE on Vimeo.

WE HAD TO INVENT IT from 3DOE on Vimeo.